[FIC] Paper Streamers

Name: Paper Streamers
Pairing: Junseung
Rating: PG ( D: )
Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance, AU?
Summary: Junhyung wasn't supposed to be the one to make Hyunseung cry...that was never his intention. He wishes more than anything that he can take back what he's done, undo the hurt he's caused, but time is not forgiving, and wishes only work for some...
Wordcount: 1,298

Comments: This I wrote literally about a half hour ago, on a song inspiration. It's partly a songfic, partly me being more poetic than necessary xP. This is similar to Warmth, because I got the inspiration while listening to a certain song, and wrote the entire fic with this song on repeat. The song was " I could really use a wish right now" by B.O.B, ft. Hayley Williams and It's a really pretty song. I'm not sure how this turned out exactly, this short oneshot, so I hope you guys like it!

There is no dedication this time, I'm pretty sure because this fic is pretty sad, and I don't like dedicating sad fiction to people haha.

Big Thanks though, to all the people that read and comment my fics!  Means alot! <33333

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[FIC] The Elevator Game

Name: The Elevator Game
Pairing: Junseung
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, PWP, Romance, Humor
Summary: Hyunseung and Junhyung haven't had sex since before B2ST flew to California for the Korean Music Festival, and since they arrived, the two haven't had a moment alone together. Needless to say...when Junhyung finds one, no matter how compromising..he jumps at it.
Wordcount: 6,132

Comments: Written about three days ago on a whim, I'd been reading HOTT fanfiction and decided to write my own smutfic. I attended the Korean Music Festival in California on May 1, 2010 and B2ST had been there. ( I MET THEM ALL! AND GOT PICTURES!) I just HAD to write something about them having sex in the hotel they (and I) were staying at. hah!

This is written and dedicated to my lovely wifey-poo wanpanda , because her birthday was on May 1st, and she's been wanting me to write smut for a long time

Special thanks to my official LJ-stalker ,momof, and all of my silent readers! Please make comments! They make me want to write!

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[FIC] Warmth

Name: Warmth
Pairing: Junseung
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Drama, Angst?
Summary: Hyunseung didn't know what else to do. He's fought it for so long but he can't anymore...He needs to see him
Wordcount: 1,752

Comments: Written on the first night of spring break. I got the the inspiration suddenly  on a rainy ride home from school when the song : "Need you now" By Lady Antebellum, came on the radio. I listened to it the whole time I wrote this so I guess you could call it a songfic?

This was written for my lovely wifey-poo wanpanda, because lord knows I owe her SO much writing (So much I should just hold myself in my room without food or water until it's all done >_<)

Special thanks to my official LJ-stalker momof , because a comment they made, made me realize just how long it had been since a posted something. And made me really want to go write :]] Gotta love stalkers <3

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[FIC] Intoxicated

Name: IntoxicatedCollapse )
Pairing: Junseung (YEY!)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Romance, Drama
Summary: Hyunseung is Intoxicated. In more ways than one
Wordcount: 1,960

Comments: This was random. The word was given to me to write a drabble on, and I did haha. Oneshot I do believe and Comments are happiness in text form. Inspired by par_no_more  and their ability to write amaaazinngg Junseung wordpromp drabbles!

Wordprompt : Intoxicated
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[FIC] ...And So We Play With Fire (Prologue)

T itle: And So we play with fire

 RainbowTongues (aka ME)
F.T Island (ALL), Wonbin, Min Hyo Rin
Pairing(s): JongKi (Main), Jonghun/Min Hyo Rin, (more later)
Rating Overall: R/NC-17
Chapter Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Possible Angst?
Warning: Adult Content? None really, its PG-13

Jonghun and Hongki can feel the connection they have with each other across the room at a club, even before they meet. When they do, sparks fly and they begin to see each other. But both of them have a problem: Hongki has a friend-with-benefits that has grown feelings for him, and Jonghun's fiancee wouldn't exactly approve of something like this...And so they play with Fire.

Comments: This was loosely inspired by the movie Henry & June. I like this idea, but i need to know if anyone likes it before I continue-which is why I only wrote a prologue! I need to know what you guys think! Please give me feedback! :D. JONGKI IS LOVE and i couldn't think of putting anyone else to this plot but them haha. Plus there's Jae/Hyun if you squint and Won/Min if you pull out your magnifying glass. (My creative juices were slightly lacking when i wrote this xD. So My writing style here wasn't my best but I hope you all like it! xD)

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